Wire Wheel Cup Brush (Gold)

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Wire Wheel Cup Brush (Gold)

Used for 

  • Twist knot cup brushes are ideal for heavy duty cleaning of metal surfaces.
  • Used to remove rust, scale, paint or other debris.
  • Fit most 4 Inch and 4-1/2 Inch angle grinder.
  • Can work with Maximum 8500 RPM.

The Brush Used For: 

  • Heavy duty cleaning of large metal surfaces
  • Rust and paint removal
  • Removal of weld scale and corrosion
  • Surface preparation for paint or welding
  • Auto body pre-finishing and repair


  • Our wire wheel brush cup is made up of premium quality materials that is proven and tested for its durability and functionality.
  • Made of high quality bristle with innovative spiral knotted wires construction for a narrow face, rust, spatter and paint removal, surface conditioning and preparation.
  • This has thick knotted wheel feature that is great for small spaces and borders.
  • It is guaranteed long lasting and can survive heavy usage.
  • Our grinder brush can be used to remove rust from old farriers, rasp for knife-making and is also best tool for rust removal, corrosion and paint.



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