Vegetables and Rice Plastic Washing Bowl with Handle

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Vegetables and Rice Plastic Washing Bowl with Handle

 Features :

Easy to clean:
The Washing bowl and Rice Riser is easy to clean, its dishwasher safe. You can put it in the top-rack without any worries. You can wash it under a tap and dry it out for use.

Material :
The Washing bowl is made of BPA-free plastic and is non-toxic. We have designed this Washing bowl keeping our customers’ satisfaction in view. The colander is environment friendly, keeping things fresh and out of chemical interaction.

Avoid wasting :
Prevents Food from getting wasted while straining water from the bowl. Perfect Size For Storage in Kitchen and for washing fruits . vegetables , pulses etc

Fine drainage holes :
Fine drainage holes, you need not worry meters will spill. It not only can be used to wash things, but also can be used to storage

Quality :
Quality & Perfect Big & Large Size for Storing and Straining plastic Bowl For washing of Rice, Vegetables and Fruits Easier Prep and Serve Multi-Function Bowl with Integrated Washing bowl, Assorted Colours.



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