Steel Screw Driver, Cutter and Pliers Set

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Steel Screw Driver, Cutter and Pliers Set


  • Material : chromium-vanadium steel. Magnetic screwdriver handle
  • Suitable for a variety of uses such as repair and assembly of mobile phones like samsung, sony ericsson, nokia, motorola, lg, htc and blackberry
  • Also suitable for watches, pdas, mp3 / mp4 players, xbox, laptops, computers, pcs, hard drives, printers, other small electronic products and small household items
  • Package contents: 24 pieces with box =25
  • It contains 5"long nose plier,10 pcs bit pack,stainless tweezers,socket:5,6,8,10 mm, 6 pcs precision screwdriver,2 extension bar(for socket and bits), 3 folding type carrying cases



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