Royaldeals 7 Pc Icing Decorator Bag Cake Decoration Icing Set (Set of 7)

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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAKES EVER! Make beautiful flowers in one squeeze with this Piping Tip Set, without being a pro Cake Decorator! This complete icing set of your favorite Tips creates stunning roses, hearts and tulips with a simple squeeze of your reusable pastry bag. MAKE DOZENS OF FLORAL DESIGNS EASILY IN MINUTES! With your Cake Decorating Tip Set just fill the piping bag with a firm buttercream icing and pipe out a variety of flowers directly onto your cake or cupcakes. They are perfect for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies and muffins. But this great set isn't just for icing and filling your beautiful cakes - It can also be used with fresh cream, meringue or mashed potato to top your delicious pies.This piping tools set includes the perfect size icing bag. Package Includes: 1x reusable bag 6x piping tips This brilliant Nozzle set is a must have for any chef, baker or amateur cooking enthusiast.



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