OTC RM1800 Multicolor Roti and Khakra Maker

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Chapatti press Pressing machines are ideally Designed to save hour and labour in the kitchen .Essentially , it is a boon hostels , Canteens Hotels Ete…, Where a Single hand Can Cope up Cope Up With Hundreds of Chapattis Within Minutes Of Course our Machine Will Reduce Kitchen Stress And Stain, While Preparing Chapattis and Poories . Features A Very Special Hard Strong Metal Is Used in Our Device. The Pressing Disc Will Not reaches the Ground Level but Will Remain normal To Ground Enabling Easy Usage Without Any Inconvenience While Operation. The Technical Feature is that , When the handle is normal to the ground pressing by about 45” it will permit the pressing disc to touch the ground disc Additionally the inner surface portion of the two disc are covered with a special type of unbreakable ivory sheets is midst the chapatti is mode



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