Deluxe Mango Cutter Chopper Slicer Machine

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Deluxe Mango Cutter Chopper Slicer Machine

Easy to Use
place your mango on the table or counter and press down.

Size: 7.75 ”x 5.11” x 1.18”(L x W x H)

Package included: 1x Mango Cutter

Product Features
  • Stainless steel blades makes easy cutting and Time saving and perfect cutting of same size slice of mango.
  • ABS Materials 2.4 times harder Than Aluminum.
  • Dust proof coating prevents the surface from chipping or peeling.
  • Made of virgin Unbreakable ABS Food Grade Materials, Good design-looks and style
  • Color : Yellow, Red, Green (Color may vary depend upon the availability)



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