Adjustable Splash Water-Saving Faucet Regulator

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 Adjustable Splash Water-Saving Faucet Regulator

Features : 

  • Perfect for kitchen, bathroom or laundry room sinks, this handy, flexible spray. Liner water can adjust the water pressure water conservation. Adjustable Kitchen Splash Shower Faucet Sprinkler Head Nozzle Bathroom Tap Water Saving Device Faucet Regulator.
  • Tube can rotate 360 degrees, more convenient to wash sink. Easy to turn up or turn down the water. Valve on the nozzle is for easy and convenient turning it on or off The water flow presents sprinkle shape, the contact surface is larger and cleaning effect is better.
  • Material:ABS+PVC. Adjustable jet for softer or stronger spray. Removable water restrictor, Spray or stream. Suitable for 17mm diameter round faucets. Water-saving Device for Kitchen Bathroom, Salable and Rotatable.
  • Handy flexible sprayer is 6" long and provides a 360 range of motion.With tap, easy to turn up or turn down the water Package includes: 1 x water faucet sprayer. Material: ABS + PVC Plastic. Color: Random color



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