3 in 1 Quick Vegetable Chopper

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3 in 1 Quick Vegetable Chopper

Super Easy Operation

Giving you the ultimate convenience, this chopper does not require external power to operate. The strong string and sharp blades help in finely chopping vegetables and fruits. Simply pull the string according to your needs and get the results in seconds.

Convenient and fun

it's convenient to use, and makes vegetable prepare fun and easy. in just a few pulls, the patented blade mechanism begins to chop and blend your ingredients, with no electricity required

Easy to Use, Clean and Maintain

Featuring an easy-to-use operation, New Handy Chopper consists of a short string that needs to be pulled to rotate the blades, which in turn initiates the chopping operation. Furthermore, the simple design makes it easy to disassemble the blades for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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