Colour Changing Good Night Star Master Rotating Projection Night Lamp

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 Colour Changing Good Night Star Master Rotating Projection Night Lamp

 Features :

Distance Is No Longer A Problem :
Don't have to get out of bed or sofa to start or close the light anymore. You can turn ON/OFF the baby projector, adjust colourful lights, songs, timer and rotation easily via the remote control.

Auto Off Timer Design :
The baby light projector allows you to set time from 5 - 500 minutes, the whole functions will turn off automatically while the time is end, effectively realize energy saving.

Starry Sky Projection :
Creates a vivid & colourful sky and jungle animal on the wall and ceiling with these two projection films. Enhance your baby's perception of the height, depth, and three-dimensional.

Built-in Music :
Accompanied by 12 wonderful songs, you can set volume up/down and last/next songs as you like. Babies like to listen to different sounds, appropriate music can exercise your kid's hearing.

Soothe and Calm Your Baby :
Babies like to follow moving objects, night light projector can arouse their interest from the colour and mobility, thereby calming their emotions and fall asleep quickly. No longer struggling with bedtime!



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